The New Best Friend and the Loyal Friend You Already Have

Having more than one dog–presuming they get along–can be of enormous benefit to both you and the dog. Many dogs need greater attention than an owner can reasonably provide; the second dog provides some of the care for you. The 2 dogs will form their own little”package” and play and romp together. This keeps them both energetic, alert and might even help with fitness and weight management.
Maintain the 2 dogs split as in separate rooms when not supervised. If the puppies can see one another, anxiety levels can grow. Just allow the puppies be with each other if you are in the area. If necessary keep every dog on a leash, which means you can control them. Walking each dog on separate leashes but together is a fantastic way to get them used to each other.

Your research to your new puppy’s breed traits can provide clues about how well he’ll get together with your dog, but you must have the identical knowledge about your existing dog to see if both are a fantastic match. If all works well, and you present the new dog with care, you can convince your current dog that you’re rewarding him with a brand new buddy.

If you are adopting your pet from a shelter, a number of them allow you to bring your existing dog in and see whether the two can get along. They have private areas where all of the prospective new family members may meet each other. This is particularly effective because it’s on neutral territory. If you’re selecting a dog, the breeder can allow you to do the same thing. Remember that certain breeds are more prone to not get together; you may be too dominant; you can be dangerously competitive to other breeds. The staffs at animal shelters often have information on what breeds work best together.

Some dogs simply won’t get along with a new dog being introduced into the household. Certain breeds and people can be territorial and possessive; his view is,”this is my house, my toys, my meals, my owner, my mattress, etc.” The pet is seen as an intruder. A fantastic test would be to get friends bring their puppy over to your house and see how your dog responds. If this ends up being an unpleasant experience, that’s what will probably happen when you bring home a new dog.
Occasionally dog owners make the mistake of paying so much attention to a new puppy the dog that’s been a loyal friend becomes neglected, causing resentment. Even though a puppy is great fun, be certain that you don’t forget to play with your old buddy, also.

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