The Financial Commitment of Having A Dog

Dogs require a financial commitment. The total yearly cost of owning a dog surprises many people–it’s ideal to be well prepared and funding accordingly. Fantastic quality dog food is not cheap. Municipalities require that dogs be licensed. Then there’s the price of dog toys, dog beds, leashes, collars, treats, grooming–it all adds up.

Do you travel often? Then you need to factor in the price of taking your puppy to a boarding kennel while you’re away–and many of these prices $50 per day or longer for care–or employing a puppy sitter to come to your home and look after your dog.
One option to consider is pet medical insurance. Several organizations offer this, including the American Kennel Club with its AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. By paying monthly or quarterly premiums you can spread the expense of routine medical care over the year, and you’ll be protected from being struck with a massive medical bill if your pet requires surgery or other treatment. Dogs even need dental hygiene, including teeth cleaning and, sometimes root canals.
Are you willing to devote the money to care for your dog properly? It’s not fair to the dog if at this particular period of the life you can’t afford to take good care of him. And it is not fair to you to have to be concerned about such matters as whether it is possible to spend the dog’s annual vaccinations.
There can be other expenses as well. If your property is not fenced, you might have to construct a fenced area if you have an active puppy or one which will leave the yard when he gets an opportunity. Without some fenced area on your premises, you can quickly tire of having to take him out on a leash multiple times per day, especially in poor weather.

Do you know what it costs annually to keep a dog healthy and happy? If not, you need to do some research and calculate an annual budget for all of the requirements and allow for the excellent medical care that might be necessary. It is a $500 annually price at least, and can easily run $1,000 or more. It’s ideal to be ready for these maintenance expenses rather than letting them be an unpleasant surprise.

Health care for the dog can be costly. At a minimum, your pet will require annual health tests and vaccinations. But emergency accidents or illness happen as well. Dogs occasionally need an expensive operation. They ingest items that are damaging to them, including plants in your lawn. As a dog ages, just like people, their medical expenses grow.

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