Get Your Dog Ready to Travel

cute golden retriever dog sitting in car trunk with luggage for trip

Many dogs have not been away from home for any appreciable amount of time so that they might not have learned to relieve themselves anywhere but their backyard. A few weeks before your trip take the dog on a walk when he’d ordinarily be going potty. Do this in the morning, after his dinner and right before his bedtime. He’ll learn it is perfectly fine to go while he is on the leash.

These may be as simple as driving to some fast food joint to pick up dinner, into the post office to mail a letter, or picking up the kids from school. The short trips get the puppy used to the car as a fun place and not merely for carrying him into the vet. Do not leave him in the car by himself.
Make sure all immunizations are up to date and that you have a listing of these to take with you on your trip. Some hotels need a copy before they allow you to register. If your vet isn’t readily available to fax the hotel a copy as it is the weekend or evening, you’re going to be stuck without a room.
It’s essential your dog remains in the car until you give him the command to leave the car. Hold his leash. Open the car door, and inform him wait. Block his exit from the doorway with your body. After a couple of seconds say okay and move away from the door, allowing the puppy to leave. Extend time he’s got to wait to a full minute and don’t block the exit with your physique. The puppy will learn he remains in the car till you give the okay to leave. Bolting from the vehicle into traffic can finish your holiday in a nightmare.
Acclimate your pooch to different folks by taking him into the off-leash park in your area. The first few instances keep him on his leash and walking beside you to determine how he reacts. An off-leash park is an excellent place to educate him to come to you when he’s a fantastic distance away.

Teach your dog to walk on his leash quietly. No longer pulling or yanking you about. If necessary, visit courses or have a trainer come to your property. And while you’re at it, your puppy needs to be aware of the basic commands of sit, stay, give it, leave it, and cease.

Traveling with your pet could be an enjoyable adventure if you plan for it.

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