Bringing Your New Puppy Home to Meet Your Dog


Young puppies will need to be fed three times per day. Put your dog on precisely the same program; otherwise he’ll get jealous in the extra mealtime. It is possible to give him just a small portion in the lunchtime feeding; the main issue is that the dog doesn’t think the puppy is getting special treatment.
You have decided you’d like to get a puppy, but you currently have a dog. Here are a couple of tips on introducing both.
For the first couple of months do not leave the pup and the dog home alone together confined in the same area unless the puppy is crated.
Until you understand how your dog will respond at playtime, maintain it supervised. Maintain the pet’s toys separate from the dog’s toys. Do not let the puppy play the dog’s toys unless the dog brings a toy into the puppy.
Keep the pup in a separate area from the puppy with the door closed. Both can sniff under the doorway to get used to each other’s scent. After a couple of days use a baby gate rather than shutting the door. The puppy and dog can now see each other and sniff each other. If you’re crate training the pup, you’ll be able to use the crate rather than the baby gate. If your pet begins to get upset, do not scold him remove him by the pup. The next time has some of your dog’s favorite treats in your hand. Praise the pup and give the puppy a gift. The dog will learn to connect the puppy with treats.

Keep the first interaction between the puppy and dog supervised by two adults or an older child and an adult. Set the dog and the pup on leashes and let them make physical contact. If any growling occurs remove whoever growled. The next time uses the treat trick but provides both the puppy and the pup a treat.

Finally, each time you give the puppy attention give your pet care.
In a couple of weeks until you bring your new puppy home to establish a location that is just for your current canine companion in which he has his mattress and a couple of favorite toys. He’ll need a place off limits from puppy frolicking where he can get some peace and quiet. Do not do this day that you bring the little guy home or your current dog may think he’s being replaced.

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